Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My husband is under constant instruction to observe me and to pick up on any queues I give him. His awareness avoids the needs for open orders. If he's alert and attentive, he's on top of my needs.
We also developed hand gestures...a scratch on the ear, a tug on the hair - they mean things...things like, "I have something for you to do...ask me if there's something I need" to "Snap to it, slave".

This was posted by wonderful Ms Rika on fet life. She also wrote, what I think is the best femdom book:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another edition of Rules

  1. Mistress can suspend these rules if she wants.
    1. Pet may request Mistress to consider suspending some or all rules for a period of time.
  2. Mistress can modify these rules if Pet agrees.
  3. Pet has maximum 3 minutes to comply with any order from these rules, unless the rule says otherwise.
  4. No excuses or exceptions are allowed to any of the rules unless specifically stated in the rules.
  5. Pet cannot refuse to lick a pussy.
    1. Pet is allowed to ignore this rule during Mistress’s period. No other excuse is allowed.
    2. Mistress can use this rule to make Pet lick any other lady, as long as that lady agrees.
    3. Request/order to lick pussy must be made in-person, i.e. not over internet/phone.
    4. Licking must happen in a private place (i.e. nobody can “walk in” on the activity), unless Pet agrees.
    5. Mistress can use this rule to make Pet clean up Mistress’s pussy after she pees.
    6. If Pet refuses to comply, Mistress can do any punishment she sees fit.
    7. When Mistress snaps her fingers and points down to her pussy it is a signal to lick her pussy and is the same as a verbal order to do so.
  6. Pet is to always wear panties instead of man’s underwear.
    1. The only allowable exception is when Pet is working out or doing other athletic activity.
    2. The only allowable “substitute” for panties is no underwear at all.
  7. Pet is to always to dress in lady’s clothes when Mistress comes over to his place.
    1. The minimum allowed outfit is breasts plus a skirt/dress.
    2. Pet is to be dresses appropriately before Mistress comes in, unless they come in at the same time or plan to go out immediately.
    3. If Pet refuses to comply or dresses up too late (i.e. after Mistress comes in), Mistress can punish pet any way she sees fit.
  8. When it is cold outside (less than 50 F), Pet is always to wear pantyhose or stockings (under his jeans/pants) when going outside.
  9. Pet is to always sleep in a nightgown. If Pet is at home, Pet will also wear breasts to bed.
    1. No excuses are allowed.
    2. If Pet can’t get a good sleep in breasts and a nightgown, he should wear them more, rather than not sleep in them. Ladies do it every day!
  10. Mistress can make Pet kneel and kiss her feet at her request.
    1. When Mistress snaps her fingers and points down at the floor it is a signal to kneel down and kiss her feet and is the same as a verbal order to do so.
  11. Pet is to exercise at least 3 times a week to keep his body sexy for his Mistress and her friends.
  12. Mistress can make Pet kneel next to her when she pees, and then make Pet lick her pussy.
  13. Pet is to refer to his cock as a “clit” and to his butt hole as his “pussy”.
  14. Pet is to eat his own cum after every orgasm.
  15. When at home, pet is not allowed to cum without a butt plug or a dildo or a cock in his “pussy”.

  1. Before each punishment Mistress will ask Pet why he is being punished and if he does not know she will explain the reason to him, so that he can learn from this and make sure the offense does not happen again.
  2. After each punishment Pet should thank his Mistress for taking time to improve Pet’s behavior. If Pet refuses (as opposed to forgets) to thank Mistress, he can be punished again.
  3. For small offences Mistress can use slaps across Pet’s face to give Pet an immediate feedback about a bad behavior.
    1. Rules #1 and #2 do not have to apply to this rule, unless Mistress wants it.
  4. Maximum one-time corporal punishment is 40 spanks. Maximum one-time chastity sentence is 3 days. Total punishments can stack, i.e. add up to more than a single one-time punishment.
  5. Punishments are there not to hurt or cause discomfort, but to make sure Pet understands that complying with the Rules is in his best interest. Therefore, punishments should be such that Pet does not think twice about taking a punishment rather than complying with the Rules.
  6. Punishment must be immediate or, at the least, Mistress must tell pet that it is coming sometime today. After 24 hours punishment expires.
    1. Mistress should try to find time to help Pet with his bad behavior and not skip any punishments.
  7. After the punishment pet has 30 minutes “immunity” from being punished for refusal to do comply with the same order again. After pet had 30 minutes to re-think his behavior, Mistress can request pet to do what he previously refused and punish him again if he refuses.
  8. If Pet refuses to accept a punishment, it doubles every 6 hours and does not expire until taken.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Current Rules

1.      Pet is only allowed to orgasm with plug inside.
2.      Pet is only allowed to orgasm after asking for permission.
3.      Pet must wear his bra at all times when in presence of his mistress and inside home.
4.      Pet will be punished within 12 hours or punishment will be doubled.
5.      Pet is not allowed masturbate when not with his mistress.
6.      Pet has to ask for permission to masturbate.
7.      Pet is supposed to wear stockings when bellow 50 outside.
8.      Pet is supposed to wear panties every fucking day.
9.      Pet’s body is mistress’s to use and give to other ladies for pleasure.
10.  Pet is to limit his portions to lady portions. (Punishment is fasting for a day)
11.  Pet is always supposed to wear nightgown (pajamas) to bed.

Rules from a year ago:
1. submissive is always to lick his Mistress's pussy after sex.
2. Submissive is always to swallow his cum after his orgasm.
3. submissive is always to wear bondage (collar) to bed when sharing it with his Mistress.
4. submissive is always to kiss his Mistress's feet when greeting her at his home.
5. submissive is always to kiss his Mistress's hands when greeting her in public.
6. submissive is not allowed to touch his cock or pleasure himself without asking permission from his Mistress first.
7. submissive will escort his Mistress once every two months to a bdsm event.
8. submissive will always wear panties. He has to ask for permission to wear regular underwear.
9. submissive is only allowed to cum from penetration when his Mistress is on top.
*10. submissive will excersise twice a week, on tuesday and thursday, during lunch time.
*11. submissive will read one book a month, d/s or non d/s related, and discuss it with his Mistress.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sleeping Pet

Naked pet is asleep. I have nothing to do other than contemplate.  My demands for submission have been downgraded lately. I no longer ask pet to kneel and kiss my feet when i come in. That is the only tradition we have dropped, but it is a big one.
We have grown to be very comfortable with each other. Finally we can talk about future without feeling too pationate about it.

In a year or two, pet needs to find a wife for his future children. This lady needs to be poly amorous and dominant. It will be very hard to find such a person. We will be very lucky if that happens.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Evening of no Sex

First time ever with pet and no sex! It is actually something special. Every single time we are together we have hot d/s sex. Last night was just different. I did not tie up pet. I did not do anything dominant to him at all. Just one time  - when i came in, i got him to kneel on the floor and kiss my feet. The rest of the evening i spent grading and working. Pet served me by making dinner and presenting it in front of me. He made the best soup ever!
Then he went to lounge on the chair next to me, while i worked away all evening long.
Around 1am we went to bed and i teased his clit a little bit. Enough to get him really worked up. He wanted to suck on my nipples, but i would not let him. When he does, i get so horny i can't stop myself.
so i turned him on his side and just held on to his clit until he fall asleep.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Still At It

It has been a year since me and pet met. A year of sexual discoveries -- a wonderful year. I am so grateful for having him in my life. When we first met, we had sex almost every day. It has not changed much, but it has slowed down a little. Another difference from a year ago is the number of toys we use. We have a lot, but all we really need is gag, blindfold and rope.
For pet, this has been a year of wearing panties every day. His man's underwear is still locked up.
Now that it is fall, he also has to wear panties to work. He has not dressed up completely for me in a while. All my attempts to get him to go out dressed up have been turned down by him. He still won't wear chastity -- bastard pet.
So, I am totally in love with my pet. I know there is a lot of work ahead for us if we want to continue having d/s relationship.
Tomorrow is a walk in the forest. I hope I survive it.:)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reading New Book -- Notes Part 1

Slave positions are often used to:
• Allow him to show his submission and devotion
• Force him to concentrate on his position and body
• Give him a feeling a helplessness and remind him of his status as a
• Assist in him training by establishing a controlled behaviour
• Punish him or assume a position for punishment
• Examine his slave’s body, often as in inspection
• Easily have sexual access to his body
• View his body for pleasure
• Help a slave learn patience
• Make him available for public display or to show off to others

KNEEL - on knees - feet together - knees very wide - back straight -
shoulders back - chest forward - belly in - arms folded tightly behind back -
head bowed - eyes down. This is the slave's standard position to receive
instruction or speak to the Mistress.
Voice Command – 'Kneel'
Hand Command – open hand moved down with fingers together
STAND - stand - legs very wide apart - head bowed - eyes lowered - arms
folded tightly behind back -chest out - belly in. This is the normal standing
position and prelude to slave bow.
Voice Command - 'Stand'
Hand Command - Open hand moved up
SIT - Indian style on the floor - knees bent - soles of feet together - palms on
knees - back straight - head up - eyes slightly down. This command can be
used if slave permitted to watch TV say. Could possibly be allowed to rest
back against an object
Voice command - 'Sit'
DOWN - lay on stomach - forehead to floor - arms above head - legs spread.
This is the slave's normal position when not being used by the Mistress.
Voice Command – 'Down'
Hand Command – One finger point to floor
INSPECTION - stand legs wide apart – chest out - belly in - hands locked
on top of head - head up - eyes down
Voice Command - 'Inspection'

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tied up Pet

I never tire from seeing my pet tied up to the bed in my bedroom. At the beginning of our relationship, he created three support points on the headboard. I can tie up his arms and connect them to the corners of bed post or i can tie up both arms and connect them to the center of it.
Both positions allow for some amazing nipple torture.
What i enjoy most is touching pet, all over his body, as he lays helpless. I might just rub his clit and get him all frustrated, or do some light CBT. Either way, it is always very rewarding having him tied up and unable to stop me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Afternoon with Pet

I love my days with pet at home. Him naked and cooking and then taking care of his mistress -- delicious! not just the food.
Mentioned dressing up as a lady and going out last night. Must loose some weight was his reply.
Bad pet! He looks so gorgeous. He is like my personal porn star.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Progress

I am travelling and the pet is home, his cock put away in his chastity cage. Ever since i met my mentor lady, he has been obeying better and, in general, a much more submissive man.
No, that is not exactly true. I demand more submission since then - he is still fighting me at every step.
I command him to lick my pussy, he ends up with his clit in there instead of his face. Tells me it keeps sex interesting, him not being predictive. Yes, i like his whining, but i wish he obeyed faster, better and more completely. I feel him testing me sometimes and I do not like it.
On the other hand, i have used him to play with my mentor lady. Even gave him to her for a night one time. I enjoyed doing that.
I am going to purchase one of those strap on for submissive in chastity. Want to use him without him getting any pleasure out of it! The little noises he makes when he is frustrated turn me on.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


New flogger. New play partner.
Pet is still being himself -- excessive worrying and desire to make everything perfect.
I am giving him some space before our big night on wed.
Strict Mistress (my mentor friend) and a new girl pet are going to join us for some play.
My mind is excited planning all the things i want to do with this new girl.

Pet stayed in chastity for almost whole week! He did complain a lot, but nothing i can't handle. At times he was the only one who remembered that he was in chastity. I tend to forget and go on with things as they are. Pet in chastity, always, are how things should be anyway.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pet Listening and Not

I asked my pet why he listens better to my friend than me. Apparently it is the voice. RB was right, i need to work on it. 
Pet says not to worry, but i can't help but feel uncertain about it. I want to be like her in that respect -- demand or order pet and have him follow my command with no question and no hesitation. 
Like last night: he did not want to play. He did not feel like it and did not want to do it in front of our mutual male friend. However, RB comes in and asks him to play and he has a change of heart. He even stripped down to his underwear (something he asked permission not to have to do before the event) for her -- not for me!

This is just one example of many where pet begs and asks me not to do something only to say yes later to RB. 

RB: my friend and mentor of sorts. A mistress with much more experience. A person i have been lucky to share pet with and learn from.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Formal Rules

1. Submissive is required to obey all commands given by Mistress within the constraints of reality
and his personal health.
2. Submissive agrees to show an attitude of respect at all times. Disrespect is a serious offense and will not be taken lightly. Respect includes manner of speech, promptness, proper answers, obedience, loyalty and honesty.
3. All of a submissive’s actions reflect on his Mistress, therefore submissive must be at his best
at all times when in company of his Mistress.
4. No mater what he is doing, submissive will stop if his Mistress requires his service.
5. Submissive will always look his best for his Mistress and be prepared for her at any point
when she wishes to use his body.
6. Submissive shall reveal his thoughts, feelings and desires without hesitation or embarrassment.
7. Submissive agrees that Mistress possesses the right to determine whether others can use his
body and what use they may put it to.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pet's Diet Again

We are trying for the second time. He has to ask for permission to have anything to eat.
Simpler rules this time. Maybe more success.
I am actually enjoying it -- having such control over pet.
I also have had an opportunity to share my pet with a wonderful lady. Two times now!:) She is helping me to train him to be a perfect submissive.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Night

A little while ago, I met a lady who I can talk to in person about bdsm. So i have not needed my blog for a while now.
Pet and I are still doing good. Everything is coming along just great. He is more obedient, more respectful and more submissive than ever. He is still his charming and sarcastic and coy and i love it. I always have such a great time fucking him. Most of the time there is laughing, at least smiling. Not fake and not forced, but pure joy of feeling good inside and out.
We are at a different level now, I feel. I finally get pet to serve me and another lady. He was absolutely wonderful. More about it later.